The Situation

“Do what keeps you happy, and generates the beat to your heart” – natache iilonga

So I am 22, a working Architectural Technologist, earning a good salary and about to return to school to complete my last 2 years in Masters of Architecture so as for me to qualify as a candidate Architect some day… Whoever said that this was the bliss of life?! Academic achievement, employment, money yet only half happy (but only half happy because I have found and am happily in love with my soul mate). However, I am not entirely happy with my own life.

Of my entire existence, on this earth, the only achievements I can truly and proudly account for are the socially impacting events I have either ran or been a part of. The only times when I actually felt like I was living.

I don’t know…I feel like I am meant to lead…be a leader…break free from following and lead.

(this thought is still pending, lol)

Our experience of Life is dependant on the mind.

So here’s to living life miserable……

I feel it…the burning touch of the flames of life tickling my inner skin, I

Can put it out yet…I can’t.

It’s driving me to depression.

So many do’s and dont’s dictate my every movement every thought,

I am scared to even attempt…for I am not entitled…for I am not able to?

The weight of thoughts sitting on my chest, I struggle to breathe…

to live.

Involuntary meditation just to calm myself down, but if no action is taken my ocean of thoughts erupts yet again.


My life…

Have I lived?…

I ask myself.

Hehehe…hey :)

Ha wow…a blog…I finally signed up for a blog! 

Well, with the way my mind has been over pouring with thoughts since starting varsity back in 2012…it’s about time I put them onto paper ( or digital paper in this case).

So, officially, welcome to my blog, my opinions and thoughts 🙂

However, by all means, you are welcome to leave legit comments to le posts and lets converse, mkay?

Happy living!*