Liberation [SELF] – ABSTRACT

By all means, feel free to acquaint yourself with the theme of our paper (the abstract below).




This essay explores the different narratives of the youth of Windhoek city in Namibia, and their strides towards a liberation of self. Specifically, it seeks to unpack the contemporary young Namibian, a divergent from the intended politicated youth envisioned upon the birth of independence. For 27 years, the term ‘liberation’ was only known through its relation or association to the ‘liberation struggle’ endured by the generation that witnessed the struggle. This generation includes our parents, grandparents and some of our older brothers and sisters who were conceived in that time. The motivation has since been for national democratic progress towards ensuring a nation that fosters equality amongst all in a country healing from its segregated apartheid past. But as of recent decade, Namibian youth began to explore beyond the over preferred sciences and mathematics fields of occupation, and into the forbidden arts. Extending into creative territories such as poetry as a medium for not only self expression but as a tool to instigate debates on social issues preoccupying the Namibian society as of recent. All while still maintaining day jobs or academic studies and ambitions. However, as normal as this phenomenon may be in the global sense, it is a powerful trend that has engulfed the Namibian youth and with enormous potential to influence the country’s future governing and even possible shifts in career paths that could influence the creation of new markets in the country. Although diverse resources on the Namibian youth remain scarce, this essay will make use of interviews as a tool to unpack the unseen young person.


So my dear friend Ndeshipanda Iita and I, took it upon ourselves to write an [academic] paper on the youth of Namibia, as part of an upcoming essay series titled Cities in African. A University of Johannesburg Department of Architecture production.

The final paper is still under construction, however more importantly, it is a focus on the liberation of the creative ‘self’ (individuality) of Namibian youth that has surfaced in the recent decade or so. The perhaps unaccounted for birthing of the creative drive we wish to tag #LiberationOfSelf #Liberation_SELF , is something we feel needs more documentation and acknowledgement. Poets, photographers, story tellers, bloggers, creatively obsessed, etc.

So if you got here (Namibian Youth) through the trending hashtag and/or social media link, we are trying to gather as many interviews/conversations/voices as we can for this paper* By all means share this! We have a deadline lol


25th Namibia Independence Day – Ndeshipanda Iita



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