Day 5: White, am i.

So yesterday I saw a poster. It was a white woman, sitting in zen and a white light surrounding her from the background. It said: ‘reconnect with your spirit’

It is in me…the word ‘white‘, as a very strong world of power. To declare peace, is to declare conformity to a white flag guided in the motion of a wave to the opposing enemy. To declare modern simplicity, is to paint a wall and many more, in white. To be guaranteed a heavenly pass, is to be baptised by a white robed black man. To be death, is to see the light, white. The spirit is pure and white, God forbid impure and black.

Yet white is not, but what it’s owner declared. Because of it, I am shall always be black. But also, because of it, I do not exist

Poetry spit:

When spirit became white

It became my symbol.

White light

Yearned for

A purity

Untethered, raping thy mind

Black soul.


Unseen, by command

But a truth

In its non-existence

A hell to exist

Clean off that blackness at once!


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