Day 2: 2017 is full of surprises (literally!)

It’s only April guys, but 2017 so far as been DR-A-MATIC!

From not getting my previous dorm room, to having linoleum flooring, to hijackings and theft (and random dorm room black outs “I fear for my pc! Goodness…”. It’s been hectic only 4 months in. I don’t know… I feel like the first thing we always say is “…that means something very good is coming your way”; yes, a phenomenon I myself have experienced in previous years, but the worst bit has never been this extreme. It came to a point where I started second guessing leaving my room. This warm safe space, a victim to my weirdness.

Urbanologi immersion 

Oh! So this week, we have been granted an academic break (thanks Easter!), and
I took the opportunity to try out this really dope place called Urbanologi on 1 Fox, Johannesburg. And my oh my! Like woooow…It’s like a laboratory for taste bud immersion! Hehehe, dragged my fellow Namibian buddy along as part of her experience Joburg assignment yours truly assigned. For dinner. Ubering the dark streets of Joburg city for the sake of food that was photographically too good to be true (facepalm). Aaah, a definite recommendation. Just too bad I had forgotten my camera (happens when I’m excited to go to exciting places)

I will have another visit with my squad and be sure to post a bunch of mouthwatering creations!

Here’s to 2017!

Another upside this week is seeing my bubu! Gonna try and catch the new Fast & Furious 8, because yes, I’m an addict! Yes, I said it. Cars are sexy in that movie. Heck! Everything is sexy about that movie (Omagurrd!). It still sucks though that Paul Walker is no longer, but I is loyal till the end. Just hoping nobody rocks up with their “in-movie chatty” girlfriend, coz oooooooo Jesos! (side look face)…


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