Day 1: Writer Lust

Into night
Night watching.

Ever have the need to start a blog? And just type out your mind? But then get to the screen and keyboard just to decide you need to take a break first. So  you lie down for a “quick” nap. Only to awake the next day. New day, new responsibilities, procrastination round 365 (disgraceful facepalm)…

Here I am, round 365, and I have no clue what to type. Need I describe life at varsity? My latest pair of boots? Express another poem?…I don’t know. Yet I envy my fellow bloggers on their persistence and commitment to words.

It’s 23:30. Students are either asleep or binge watching series’ on their beds. But this is my concentration zone. I can hear my thoughts, I see my life a lot clearer…mmmm I need a new camera, actually…and gym pants…

Poetry spit:

When we disappear,

They begin

In a constant hummm.

They don’t sleep

As we would.

To sounds of the dark

Suspicious, we say.

An ear alert, your safety at stake

Like a black man approaching you in broad daylight.


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