Be on Time ??!

Time is a non-existent entity, of which we measure using clocks or watches.


Haha?! Why on earth do we measure time?

I feel like the notion of measuring time, in this human world, only brings about stress, anxiety, depression, too many unnecessary problems. Heck, even more so in my beautiful Africa where our ancestors never used tools to measure time but instead worked with the amount of daylight they were given and then darkness in the evening. This resulted in people living a balanced and peaceful life. A beneficial one indeed. I do, however, believe that the measuring of time is interlinked to human productivity driven by money . Sad but true.

I really wish we could adopt the notion of working with the body of day and not be so money orientated. You know, wake up when nature tells you to, work, recreate when the heat intensifies at noon until dark, then back to sleep as soon as darkness falls thick across the sky. Yes, may sound very “theoretical”, but it can definitely work. The only problem being the reluctance of many (especially the powerful money eaters) to take the “risk”of change from their comfort zones.

Well oh well.


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