Be on Time ??!

Time is a non-existent entity, of which we measure using clocks or watches.


Haha?! Why on earth do we measure time?

I feel like the notion of measuring time, in this human world, only brings about stress, anxiety, depression, too many unnecessary problems. Heck, even more so in my beautiful Africa where our ancestors never used tools to measure time but instead worked with the amount of daylight they were given and then darkness in the evening. This resulted in people living a balanced and peaceful life. A beneficial one indeed. I do, however, believe that the measuring of time is interlinked to human productivity driven by money . Sad but true.

I really wish we could adopt the notion of working with the body of day and not be so money orientated. You know, wake up when nature tells you to, work, recreate when the heat intensifies at noon until dark, then back to sleep as soon as darkness falls thick across the sky. Yes, may sound very “theoretical”, but it can definitely work. The only problem being the reluctance of many (especially the powerful money eaters) to take the “risk”of change from their comfort zones.

Well oh well.

Dictative Perceptions



I still fail to understand how/ why freckles on the body of a woman, are accepted by society;

But yet body hair, apart from the hair on your head and eyebrows, is frowned upon?

Like, what’s the difference?

The Situation

“Do what keeps you happy, and generates the beat to your heart” – natache iilonga

So I am 22, a working Architectural Technologist, earning a good salary and about to return to school to complete my last 2 years in Masters of Architecture so as for me to qualify as a candidate Architect some day… Whoever said that this was the bliss of life?! Academic achievement, employment, money yet only half happy (but only half happy because I have found and am happily in love with my soul mate). However, I am not entirely happy with my own life.

Of my entire existence, on this earth, the only achievements I can truly and proudly account for are the socially impacting events I have either ran or been a part of. The only times when I actually felt like I was living.

I don’t know…I feel like I am meant to lead…be a leader…break free from following and lead.

(this thought is still pending, lol)

Our experience of Life is dependant on the mind.

So here’s to living life miserable……

I feel it…the burning touch of the flames of life tickling my inner skin, I

Can put it out yet…I can’t.

It’s driving me to depression.

So many do’s and dont’s dictate my every movement every thought,

I am scared to even attempt…for I am not entitled…for I am not able to?

The weight of thoughts sitting on my chest, I struggle to breathe…

to live.

Involuntary meditation just to calm myself down, but if no action is taken my ocean of thoughts erupts yet again.


My life…

Have I lived?…

I ask myself.

Hehehe…hey :)

Ha wow…a blog…I finally signed up for a blog! 

Well, with the way my mind has been over pouring with thoughts since starting varsity back in 2012…it’s about time I put them onto paper ( or digital paper in this case).

So, officially, welcome to my blog, my opinions and thoughts 🙂

However, by all means, you are welcome to leave legit comments to le posts and lets converse, mkay?

Happy living!*